Interschool Sport



Yearbook 2022


Interschool Sport


Member schools involved in sub-association sport and championship tournaments have the opportunity to compete in weekly or one day carnivals in summer and winter interschool team sport during the year.

Currently there are eight sub-associations conducting interschool sport encouraging participation, sportsmanship and healthy competition.

There are also ACC Championship competitions offering high level interschool events for basketball, netball and soccer.  This competition is available to all ACC schools.

CAS - Coastal Associated Schools

NAS - Northern Associated Schools

NWAS - North Western Associated Schools

NEAS - North Eastern Associated Schools

RKAS - Rockingham Kwinana Associated Schools

SAS Senior - Southern Associated Schools

SASJ Junior - Southern Associated Schools

SEAS - South Eastern Associated Schools

The Yearbook only contains records of overall results and premierships won.

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