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To nominate for a position as coach, manager or selector please complete this on-line nomination form. Sections marked with an * are mandatory. You can nominate for more than one position. When you have completed the form print a copy for your records and then press the submit button to send your nomination to the ACC. Once your nomination form is submitted you will see a confirmation message from the ACC on the web site. If you do not see a confirmation message then your form was not submitted correctly and you should re-submit or contact the ACC office.

I wish to nominate for the position (s) of:

A condition of application is that the school Principal is aware of and endorses this nomination.

A condition of application is that the school Sports Coordinator is aware of, and endorses this nomination.

Relevant Experience

Please write below a brief summary of your experience relevant to the position i.e. teams/grades coached, playing level, tours/competitions/tournaments organized, qualifications etc... If you would like to provide a more detailed resume for the position please feel free to email the ACC with this information.